SFBG "...a festive flair: the place was packed with families, ... always fun musician named Enzo perform[s] ... He plays guitar. He plays banjo. He plays accordion. He uses a saw to make weird noises that sound like music. He gets the kids clapping and singing along." - Tim Redmond,Wednesday January 2, 2008

sfc "Families are drawn to the performer who specializes in traditional American folk music. His show features Garcia, and the occasional guest artist, drawing on his own collection of folk songs while he plays the guitar, banjo, accordion, jaw harp and musical saw." - Paul Kilduff, Thursday, January 18, 2007


Parenting Pick

"The best music for your toddler - LMNO Music-Green CD. Focusing on simple songs, rhythms, rhyme, and chanting that encourages movement, modulation, and early music skills, Enzo is a joy. On both rare traditional songs he's unearthed and new folk-based tunes, he plays cool instruments like the jaw harp and musical saw." - Erika Milvy and Suelain Moy, March 2007



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Field Trip with Enzo review - "...it warms my heart knowing that flame of participatory kids music -- music that encourages singing along and interacting with the music and others -- still burns bright. Enzo Garcia is one of the best at keeping that fire going...if you're willing to follow Enzo on his trips, then I think you'll be pleased where you end up. Recommended." Stefan Shepherd, October 26, 2007

Pink CD Review - "If Smithsonian Folkways is looking for another kids' musician to join Elizabeth Mitchell on the label, I've got a suggestion: how about Enzo Garcia? His latest album, LMNO Music (Pink) (2006), has echoes of Folkways standbys Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Ella Jenkins, but makes the mostly traditional songs sound his own." Stefan Shepherd, August 30, 2006

Geeen CD Review - "The recently re-released Green is a good example of Garcia's work. One of the primary things I find so appealing about the series is the fact that electronic keyboards, which in many artists' hands is the great bane of children's music, are long absent.... On Green, Garcia continues to help families hear old tunes in new ways (and maybe even start to make them their own). It's as good as any Garcia album to introduce you to his music. Recommended." Stefan Shepherd February 27, 2007


"Garcia's music is folk music in its truest sense -- music made by and for people, not for the marketplace (although yes, this album is available for purchase). Traditional songs such as "When We All Go Marching" and "Ten Little Rattlesnakes" are intermingled with several of Garcia's originals songs. Unusual instruments and combinations of instruments, songs representing a variety of cultures and languages, and simple but clean production make Green a fantastic album for children and families." - Mrs. Davis, March 17, 2007


CDBaby Editor's Pick - Review
ENZO GARCIA: lmno music - pink

Few genres at CD Baby face the daunting challenge of having to appeal to such a wide age range in their fans. With the Kids/Family section, these artists not only have to keep the young ones interested but they also have to keep the adults from running out the door for pain killers. That responsibility can be quite a task. However, Enzo Garcia has a memorable way of being "cute" and catchy without dropping all integrity and conviction. It's like he's honed the playful and goofy elements of adult music and tweaked them to fit perfectly within kids'music. There's definitely a hokey kind of feel to this album but in a way that will bring a smile to the face of any mom or dad.

  As Seen at Cool Mom Picks "While I haven't lived in San Francisco, I've spent enough time there to know that it's just plain cool. Cool cafes, cool bands, cool parents with cool children.

That's why I had the feeling I was going to like popular Bay Area kids singer/songwriter Enzo Garcia. The force behind the popular LMNO toddler music classes, Enzo has just come out with his ninth children's album, Pink.

Upbeat but never cloying, Enzo fuses traditional kiddie folk with hints of bluegrass, zydeco and ethnic music, sounding to me a little like a cross between Leon Redbone and the O Brother Whereart Thou soundtrack. And while his distinctive voice is his primary instrument, his back-up tracks on guitar, accordion, banjo and harmonica bring soul to the tunes.

Listen to samples of Pink at CD Baby, then make sure to buy your own copy. There's something totally gratifying about having a kids CD that no one else knows about. Unless of course you're a San Francisco hipster parent." -Liz Gumbinner, Co-founder/Editor of www.coolmompicks.com